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It is amazing how much of safety begins at one’s feet. Soil is the foundation upon which people’s food and structures are built, but most people have no idea what lies beneath them. That is why Alliance Geotechnical, a client-focused company located in Glendenning NSW, offers contamination testing Sydney services as well as geotechnical and geo-environmental consulting and testing services. Soil testing is important for determining if soil is contaminated, but there are many other soil tests that affect people’s daily lives.

Experts advise performing an environmental investigation by testing soil for contamination. Pesticides, petroleum products, heavy metals, and particulates from auto pollution all put the safety of one’s soil at risk. Soil contaminants may limit or prevent the growth of plants, and anyone who comes into physical contact with things grown in contaminated soil can be exposed to toxins, even just by breathing near them. The toxins are an undetectable poison until the soil is tested. Also, when one knows the makeup of the soil, one knows the quantity of fertilizer necessary to achieve the best possible production of plants. Food produced on tested soil will be of higher quality, health, and nutrition when properly treated according to testing results. Soil contamination ruins plants and those who eat them, so soil testing and treatment of contaminants is a necessity.

Of course, soil testing involves far more than just learning contamination testing Sydney levels. Thermal resistivity testing is also indispensable. One can discover the thermal characteristics of the soil, including the efficiency of the soil to keep buried cable cool. The benefits include less risk of overheating and elongating the life of buried cable. Another important test for safety is the soil plasticity index. Some soils expand or shrink quite a lot depending on whether they are wet or dry. Obviously, this is important to know if one wishes to build a structure on the soil. In addition, AS 3798 control testing is important to ensure soil is in compliance with regulations.

Soil testing Sydney helps by identifying problems proactively and is followed by solid advice on how to correct the problems to bring the soil into compliance. Another test is material grading, also referred to as a sieve analysis, which determines particle size distribution. Material grading is essential because particle size distribution plays a large role in how the material performs once it is put to use. Additionally, compaction testing measures the density of the soil. Too much soil compaction will kill all life that tries to grow in the soil. There are a variety of soil tests one can perform depending on the soil’s intended use.

Soil contamination testing and other tests like soil compaction testing, have a very real effect on quality of life, yet they are useless without qualified professionals. Alliance Geotechnical (website performs contamination testing Sydney and compaction testing using a properly accredited laboratory and is a trusted source for geotechnical and geo-environmental consulting and testing services. Alliance Geotechnical ensures its clients are on a strong foundation.

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