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handsMaker/Hackerspaces like: NYCresistor are my current obsession. These places are spreading rapidly popping up around the country. The can-do / do-it-now attitude at these places inspires me and eats my pessimism like a frog eats flies.

In these places people are solving problems, having fun, taking their limited resources and forging a future they want to see. Talking to Dug Song the other day we came to the point where we realized the importance of shining a light on the activities of these groups. They are an inspiration for anyone with a compacted imagination.

It is my sincere hope to get out there with a video camera a small crew and capture the growth and transformation of these places. I believe that from these places will spring forth new ideas about the true value of work, integrity, creativity and economy. We are human beings, we built all that is around us with our own two hands. We’ve come a long way, and let’s see what we can build next.

JetBlue is offering a 599$ ticket for a month of unlimited travel. We can hop around the entire country visiting spaces for 600$ and a few couches. This is a project waiting to happen, if funding permits I will go. I’m also looking for a crew, comment or email me bg \\{Ah Tuh}//

If you can help me gather enough money to travel this next month, then I’m off Sept 8th. I’m taking donations here.

Here’s an image I drew of a dinosaur admiring your hands:
You have beautiful hands…

You have beautiful hands…


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