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Look For the Right Parts For Your Electric Hoist

You must know what goes into an electric hoist before installing one at your industrial site in Australia. You can lift hundreds, if not thousands, of kilograms in weight with one of these machines. It’s a good thing then that the electric hoist Australia industry is one of the most sophisticated in the world. However, you need to be familiarize yourself with all the parts that make up this equipment.


electric hoist


How Is the Gearbox?

The gearbox is one of the most important parts of an electric hoist. This is an exterior part that holds all gears that are designed to move together. The gears will adjust the main crane or other primary lifting items in the hoist. An oil bath can be added to the hoist to keep the gears running smoothly.

How the Motor Works

When contacting a hoist service Melbourne provider,  choose a service provider that is experienced in reviewing motors. They can handle motors in many forms including ones that operate with different speeds in mind.

A motor operates alongside the gears and creates force to lift items with ease. The total lifting capacity of a motor will vary based on the hoist you have. Also, different speed settings may be used within your motor. These include half and third-speed choices, which is perfect for when you’ve got sensitive items that need to be lifted but you want to be especially careful with them.

Don’t Forget the Chain

The electric chain hoist Australia market will have several options for the chain itself. Some providers even have their own custom chains with their own specifications. The chain should be well-lubricated just like the motor so it won’t lock up or risk breaking apart.

What About the Hook?

The hoist is never complete without the hook. Today, you can find all sorts of fine hooks that can be quickly added onto a good hoist. It can be retractable and easy to control in some cases. It can also lock up to secure its position after you attach something to it. Anything that lets you keep a good hold over whatever you are trying to move around can really work wonders for your project.

Security Features Are Needed Too

If you work in a particularly sensitive or advanced industry, then you might want an electric hoist with built-in security and safety features. These often include limit switches that identify how much pressure is being added to the hoist so it can shut down before it possibly breaks down. You might also opt for an add-on that analyzes the heat emitted by the hoist to prevent overheating of the hoist.

Limit switches may also help identify how high or low the hoist can go. This is for industries where extremely sensitive materials have to be handled and transported.

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