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Makers, Hackers, Inventors, et al

hackersWho are you?

What motivates you, what do you do, what does it mean to you and how does all of it fit into your life? I’m talking about your hacking, your building, your making, your science/art*, your anything that motivates and compels you to create. The act of creation of anything is a fundamental tap to that which makes us human, each act of creation is an exploration of possibility, an actualization of our imagination and a practical utilization of our skills. When we create, we are sublime and we are awesome!

I want your details. Not as in “Hey, baby, gimme your digits!”, but who you are and what you make. While I was at Pumping Station One in Chicago with the Two Hands Project, I collected profiles of the incredible people I met there, and I did the same at i3 Detroit. However, I don’t feel as though I can post hacker/maker/awesome people profiles from just those 2 places as it would exclude all of those around the country and world that are also awesome. So send me an email, tell me who you are and what you make and what you’re passionate about, and where you are, even include a mugshot if you want and I will post them here (may be edited for length) to increase the sharing of awesomeness in the world!

*Is there even a difference?