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Signs that You Need a New Office Printer

Sometimes, no amount of printer repairs Sydney has will do for your company. You will just have to replace the printer for one reason or another. Businesses give some serious thought to printer replacements. This is important if you want a smooth transition and a new level of optimal and efficient service for your business. At some point, you have to decide that there is a limit to repairing printers and make plans to make new acquisitions in the marketplace. Here are some of the instances when you will need printer replacements rather than printer services and endless maintenances:


You need a printer upgrade

Sometimes, your current printer might be working just ok and not needing the printers repairs Sydney services but your needs have changed. You want to do more tasks as your business expands but the current printer is unable to handle the workload. This could be the case if you want to upgrade the quality of your print and handle newer printing tasks, your volume has increased or you are planning to print some graphic-heavy documents that your current printer is unable to handle.

Endless paper jams

Paper jams are common and expected in all printer applications. A lot of these problems can be handled by your printer repairs Sydney services as part of your servicing and maintenance. Sometimes, the paper jams could be “chronic”. No matter how much money you pump into the printers services, the paper jams remain a permanent fixture. In this case, your printer may be reaching an end of its life and you need to acquire a new machine. When you are grappling with such a problem, the cost of constant repairs could match the cost of new acquisitions and it, therefore, makes perfect sense to acquire a new one.

Heavier networking demands

Sometimes, a large number of employees want to use the printer simultaneously and this is increasingly causing problems due to capacity issues. Sometimes, the printer that you are using is an old model which is incapable of handling the heavily networked environment. In such instances, it may be prudent to purchase a new printer with good networking support.

Finding Replacement Ink is Becoming a Nightmare

You might have entered into maintenance or servicing contracts with printer repairs Sydney services but finding the replacement ink and toner cartridges is becoming increasingly difficult even for your service partner. In this case, your printer is too old for the current printing landscape and you need to make a technology upgrade by buying a new printer.

Your company is growing rapidly

If your business is growing too fast, then your printer may not keep up with the pace of things and you will need a more sophisticated printer in order to get things done. This will be the case if you are no longer operating your business on a smaller scale and you, therefore, need a more reliable printer. Shop around and find the printer that is best suited for office work and which can be used in a networked environment.

There are better models out there

Every few years, new printers with new innovative technology that boost efficiency, reduce costs and have good energy efficiency are launched in the marketplace. New printers run more smoothly, require less maintenance, use less ink and print faster than the old printer models. They could, therefore, be better suited for the modern demands of your business.

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